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Articles of Faith

Joseph Smith

Working out puzzles is one of the favorite pastimes of the Saints and I use this one to help us learn the Articles of Faith in order, out of order, and in any order.  See my complete help page at http://www.talewins.com/LDS/LDSfaith.htm This is a simple cipher for the youth where each letter stands for one other letter and will always stand for that specific letter throughout the puzzle.  Remember to begin each Article with the words "ARTICLE OF FAITH NUMBER" (13 perhaps?)
Each time you put a correct letter in, test yourself to see if you can remember the complete article.

1 Zv jvipvcv pu Exo, gqv Vgvauni Yngqva, nuo pu Qph Hxu, Tvhmh Bqaphg, nuo pu gqv Qxis Eqxhg.
2 Zv jvipvcv gqng kvu zpii jv fmuphqvo yxa gqvpa xzu hpuh, nuo uxg yxa Nonk’h ganuheavhhpxu.
3 Zv jvipvcv gqng gqaxmeq gqv Ngxuvkvug xy Bqaphg, nii knudpuo kns jv hncvo, js xjvopvubv gx gqv inzh nuo xaopunubvh xy gqv Exhfvi.
4 Zv jvipvcv gqng gqv ypahg fapubpfivh nuo xaopunubvh xy gqv Exhfvi nav: ypahg, Ynpgq pu gqv Ixao Tvhmh Bqaphg; hvbxuo, Avfvugnubv; gqpao, Jnfgphk js pkkvahpxu yxa gqv avkphhpxu xy hpuh; yxmagq, Inspue xu xy qnuoh yxa gqv epyg xy gqv Qxis Eqxhg.
5 Zv jvipvcv gqng n knu kmhg jv bniivo xy Exo, js faxfqvbs, nuo js gqv inspue xu xy qnuoh js gqxhv zqx nav pu nmgqxapgs, gx favnbq gqv Exhfvi nuo nokpuphgva pu gqv xaopunubvh gqvavxy.
6 Zv jvipvcv pu gqv hnkv xaenuplngpxu gqng vwphgvo pu gqv Fapkpgpcv Bqmabq, unkvis, nfxhgivh, faxfqvgh, fnhgxah, gvnbqvah, vcnueviphgh, nuo hx yxagq.
7 Zv jvipvcv pu gqv epyg xy gxuemvh, faxfqvbs, avcvingpxu, cphpxuh, qvnipue, pugvafavgngpxu xy gxuemvh, nuo hx yxagq.
8 Zv jvipvcv gqv Jpjiv gx jv gqv zxao xy Exo nh yna nh pg ph ganuhingvo bxaavbgis; zv nihx jvipvcv gqv Jxxd xy Kxakxu gx jv gqv zxao xy Exo.
9 Zv jvipvcv nii gqng Exo qnh avcvnivo, nii gqng Qv oxvh uxz avcvni, nuo zv jvipvcv gqng Qv zpii svg avcvni knus eavng nuo pkfxagnug gqpueh fvagnpupue gx gqv Dpueoxk xy Exo.
10 Zv jvipvcv pu gqv ipgvani engqvapue xy Phanvi nuo pu gqv avhgxangpxu xy gqv Gvu Gapjvh; gqng Lpxu (gqv Uvz Tvamhnivk) zpii jv jmpig mfxu gqv Nkvapbnu bxugpuvug; gqng Bqaphg zpii avpeu fvahxuniis mfxu gqv vnagq; nuo, gqng gqv vnagq zpii jv avuvzvo nuo avbvpcv pgh fnanophpnbni eixas.
11 Zv binpk gqv fapcpivev xy zxahqpfpue Nikpeqgs Exo nbbxaopue gx gqv opbgngvh xy xma xzu bxuhbpvubv, nuo niixz nii kvu gqv hnkv fapcpivev, ivg gqvk zxahqpf qxz, zqvav, xa zqng gqvs kns.
12 Zv jvipvcv pu jvpue hmjtvbg gx dpueh, favhpovugh, amivah, nuo knephgangvh, pu xjvspue, qxuxapue, nuo hmhgnpupue gqv inz.
13 Zv jvipvcv pu jvpue qxuvhg, gamv, bqnhgv, jvuvcxivug, cpagmxmh, nuo pu oxpue exxo gx nii kvu; puovvo, zv kns hns gqng zv yxiixz gqv nokxupgpxu xy Fnmi—Zv jvipvcv nii gqpueh, zv qxfv nii gqpueh, zv qncv vuomavo knus gqpueh, nuo qxfv gx jv njiv gx vuomav nii gqpueh. Py gqvav ph nusgqpue cpagmxmh, ixcvis, xa xy exxo avfxag xa fanphvzxagqs, zv hvvd nygva gqvhv gqpueh.

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