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Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, And Bagel Ciper Puzzle

Irene Dolnick

These are phrases from the book Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, And Bagel By Irene Dolnick

Acwk fxrqch
Qnwk tmitkch Acwk
Vjc jxh ky fxrq
vydcymc fjy nmhcwvkxmhv
ocrk ky zc xrymc
jc vxth zyrhrl

snk kjwynaj kjc icackxzrcv
sjybbtma xmh snkktma
vydcfjcwc fxwd
Rxnajtma xmh rxnajtma
Expdtmc vkybbch vnhhcmrl
Vjc xmktstbxkch Acwk fynrh zc ftkj Qnwk
T fxv jnootma xmh bnootma ftkj ecxrynvl
Jyfcicw, lyn sxm zc xrymc tm x awynb yw x swyfh.
T brxm ky rxnaj xk xrr kjc kjtmav kjxk dxqc dc fywwl

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