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Our Economy

Mr Fairs

1 2 3
4 5                                        
6 7                  
9             10      
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      24 25                    
  29                         30          
33                         34                  

5.I am reflected in consumer spending
7.Goods, services and capital assets sold overseas
8.Interest is the reward for giving up use of money and is an amount paid to a lender over and above the original sum borrowed.
9.Goods, services and capital assets purchased from overseas.
11.The tendency of economies to move, over time through periods of boom and slump.
12.I am abbreviated to GDP
14.The resources provided by people in the production process
15.The interest rate that the lender can change at any time during the loan period
17.The rise in general prices and the reduction in the value of money measured by the consumer price index
20.A lack of resources to meet all consumer needs and wants.
22.The annual announcement of the governments fiscal policy
23.The overall perception of the economy by all the sectors combined.
24.A period of negative economic growth.
26.Another term for the business cycle
29.A society where resources are owned by both private individuals and the government.
31.A interest rate that is reduced at the start of the loan to attract customers.
32.Entrepreneurial skill often used to describe entrepreneurship.
33.The number of workers without a job who are willing and able to work
34.The purchase of capital equipment i.e. the purchase equipment and factories, e.g. that firms need to enable them to produce.
35.Manufactured resources e.g. machines, factories and offices.
1.I am reflected in business spending
2.An increase in the value of an asset
3.An interest rate that the lender cannot change during the loan period
4.I am abbreviated to the CPI
6.I act as a signal to businesses and consumers to adjust their economic behaviour.
10.The term is used to describe an economic system where the government intervenes as little as possible.
13.I am abbreviated to the RBA
16.WHen the value of one currency expressed in the terms of another currency falls
18.A system where resources are owned by households and resources are allocated by the price mechanism.
19.One of the main focuses of the Reserve Bank
21.Refers to an increase in a country's output of goods and services measured by GDP
25.The price of one currency in terms of another currency
27.The short term interest rate set by the Reserve Bank
28.Pay per time period.
30.Natural resources, including farmland and fishing grounds.

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