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Legal & Ethical Terms in Mental Health

Sue Henderson

This crossword has been devised to help you revise key legal and ethical terms relevant to mental health care. Legal questions relate to the Mental Health Act of Victoria (1986).

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4.Specifying details, when a person is well enough to do so, about how they would like to be treated if they ever become too ill to make decisions about their care or treatment.
7.One of the 5 mandatory criteria for involuntary admission
9.Acronym for an independent tribunal established the Mental Health Act 1986 to hear appeals and regularly review all involuntary admissions
11.The intentional limitation of one person's autonomy by another through actions justified exclusively by the goal of helping that person
12.Negligence in which a patient is left in need without alternatives for treatment
13.The freedom to choose and the ability to assume responsibility for one's own acts
16.When a person with a mental illness requires immediate psychiatric treatment but refuses that treatment and poses imminent danger to self and others and cannot safely receive treatment in a less restrictive manner.
17.An ethical duty of nondisclosure
20.The physical restriction of a patient's ability to move when, due to a deterioration in mental state, the patient may harm him or herself or others
22.Person who has been given the power by a patient to speak on their behalf
23.The act or failure to act, that breaches the duty of care, and results in or is responsible for a person’s injuries.
24.Belief that care providers must do no harm
1.Acronym for Legislation concerning the treatment and protection of people with a mental illness in Victoria
2.The last step in a process to maximise safety to a patient and others whereby the patient is placed alone in specially designed room for protection and close observation.
3.A systematic display of honesty and truthfulness in speech
5.This person make regular unannounced visits to disability residential services and mental health facilities, identifying issues of concern from the perspective of the resident.
6.The degree to which the patient is able to understand and appreciate the information given during the consent process
8.A person is legally determined not to be able to understand and appreciate the information given during the consent process.
10.The principle of doing good not harm
14.Differential treatment based on race, class, gender, mental illness or other variables rather than on individual merit
15.Requires everything reasonably practical to be done to protect the health and safety of a person in one’s care
18.Acts of omission; a failure to provide adequate care
19.A patient's unauthorized departure from a psychiatric facility
21.Acronym for section of mental health act that enables involuntary patients to receive treatment for their mental illness in the community

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