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unit 1, lesson 1-5 Review


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1.Many of us _____ negative consequences as a result of our lack of patience.
3.Often we use our _____ to excuse our present.
7._____ don't make you feel.
8.We need to know what we want to _____ in our lives.
10._____ meet our future needs.
16.Have you ever made a New Year's _____ and kept it?
19._____ is a virtue.
20.When we are _____, we often feel stressed.
22.We need to know the _____ needed to achieve our goals.
23.Life would be different if we _____ more patience.
25.Were you changed by the first time you got _____?
26.When we are angry, whe should identify what we are feeling and _____
2.Short term goals meet out _____.
4._____ will help you stay on the right track after you are released.
5.Set _____ goals.
6._____ did you get where you are today?
9._____ can only follow being honest and knowing who you are.
11.Our lives would have been different if we took the time to _____ before we acted.
12.Living in _____ with one's values brings stress and dissatisfaction.
13.We need to identify the _____ we will need to achieve our goals.
14.Living in _____ with one's values brings satisfaction.
15.Thoughts and feelings motivate _____.
17.Our past is used to better understand our _____.
18._____ act on your feelings and thoughts.
21._____ come from how we interpret a situation.
24.We think, feel, and then _____.

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