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Unit 2, Lesson One


1 2
3                       4
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3.It is important that your reentry goals _____ to rekindle your family relationships.
7.Some of you will transition into _____ upon your release.
8.Your _____ members must adjust to having you home.
9.Having a healthy and supporttive family is the _____ important factor in keeping motivated to not go back to prison.
10.You must _____ to being home.
12.It will take time to _____ to the many changes that occurred at home while you were gone.
14.You must _____ relationships that were affected by your incarceration.
15.Some people were separated from their _____ parents.
17._____ needs to adjust to your homecoming.
20.The first days of reentry are often called the _____ period.
21.Some parents of family members may have _____ while you were incarcerated.
22.Regardless of your family arrangement, there are important _____ you must face.
24.Regardless of how we _____ family, we will neew their care and support.
25.A _____ system is for everyone involved in a family.
1._____ your family is one of the most significant challenges you will face.
2.You must devote _____ to regaining the trust of those who were hurt by your incarceration.
4._____ the first easy days of reentry - but don't expect them to last.
5.Family members may a bit _____ and unsure about your homecoming.
6.There are _____ to the word family.
11.You must find _____.
13.Some may say that it was _____ while you were gone.
16.You want your reenty to family to be as _____ as possible.
17.Upon your return home, everyone is likely to be _____.
18.On the first days, you will be on your best behavior.
19.Your family members have been anticipating your return and _____ for the best.
23.There are many _____ in reentry that will challenge you.

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