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Unit 2. Lesson 5.1


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4.Raising a healthy well adjusted child is more than just providing ___ for your child.
11.When you learn how to be a nurturing parent to your children, you also _____ how to parent yourself.
12.Food preferences are developed _____, so offer a variety of foods.
13.If your inner child has been wounded by the experiences of _____, you can help your child heal.
14.Some have a very difficult time finding _____ in their life
16.Children feel they have _____ in the matter of what they eat.
17.There is an _____ in every adult.
20.It is important to _____ your inner child.
22.Don't refuse your child food as a _____.
23.A child will not go hungry if food is _____ for them.
1.Learning how to be a nurturing parent to yourself is _____ if you wish to change.
2.Parents must provide for the _____.
3.Parents provide the _____.
5.Instead of rewarding your child with food, reward them with _____.
6.Some kids feel so much pain and anger that they don't care how much they _____.
7.Your need for fun and play, your curiosity about life, and your need to be loved are _____ of your inner child.
8.Do not make your child _____ eating if they are full.
9.Some turn to destructive activities to help dull the pain of their past with drugs, unsafe sex, or the _____ of crime.
10.Choose the _____ for your child's age and stage of development.
15.When you learn to be an effective parent, you learn to be an effective _____.
18.You can not _____ the past.
19.This lesson will help you be a good parent to _____ as well as a good parent to your children.
21.I well nourished spirit will help the child learn the importance of doing things _____ and how to be loved.

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