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Unit 2 Review cw


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1.Some children experience love as something that is nurturing, dependable, caring, and something to _____.
8.The _____ child is a family role where the child tries to avoid abuse by staying out of everyone's way.
10.The first days home is called the _____ period.
11.Let your family members know how _____ they are to you.
12.Respecting the _____ will help your family begin to trust you again.
14.Having a healthy and supportive _____ is the single most important factor in keeping a person motivated.
15.The word "family" has many different _____.
18.During your first days home, you will be on your _____.
19.Regardless of what your family looks like, it is your first and most influential _____.
21.Over 80% of the meaning people gain from what is communicated through _____ cues.
26.The _____ is a rold for a child who is told that they were a mistake to have been born.
27.It is important to _____ your time.
28.The _____ is a role where the child plays the part of a spouse - cooks, cleans, and somtimes is sexually abused by the parent.
29.Every family has some degree of _____.
1.You will want your time with your family to be as _____ as possible.
2._____ children often become abusive parents.
3.The instinct to trust non verbal cues is very _____.
4.Your _____ must adjust to having you home.
5.A healthy _____ allows each person to openly express their needs.
6.A person may experience _____ at first sight, but real love takes time.
7.A child knows when a parent is angry without a word being _____.
9._____ is thought of as the mutual sharing of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions.
12.Rejoining your _____ as a productive member is one of the most significant challenges you will face.
13.Love is both a _____ and an action.
16.It ismortant to take time to _____ your family relationships.
17.The _____ is a family role where the child becomes the caretaker of the younger children.
20.You must _____ to being home.
22.Love requires trust and _____ destroys trust.
23.Other children come to believe that love is painful, something to fear, avoid, or _____.
24.To explore our past is not to place _____ on our parents or grandparents.
25.The _____ is a role where a child is blamed for everything going wrong in the family.
26._____ parents have good intentions toward their children and manage to do the best job they can.
28._____ is never abusive.

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