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Unit 3. Lesson 1.1


1 2
4                         5
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3.Now is the time to _____ what your first days and months of freedom will be like.
4.These "old friends" do not have your _____ in mind and they can be very persuasive.
6.By making the right choice, you will have secured your _____.
7.Think also about the _____ that you will encounter.
9.You will be _____ with choices.
11.You will need to take things _____ until you are in control of your life again.
13.The first days of freedom are likely to feel _____.
18.You will need to stay away from people, places, and things that contributed to your _____.
19.Yet saying "no" is sometimes more difficult than going along with something that you know is a _____.
20.You are responsible for making the right choice in _____.
22.Don't just think about the _____.
23.Feeling overwhelmed by _____ is common.
1.Upon your release you are likely to encounter old acquaintances who will want you to _____ or engage in destructive activities.
2.The joy of going home can turn into _____.
5.Each right choice takes you closer to _____
8.It will be up to you to handle choices that _____ your freedom.
10.Every moment of _____ requires that you make choices
12."No" can mean disappointment, rejection, or denial of something that you really _____.
14.You made a commitment to start a _____.
15.The first order of business is learning how to say _____ to people, [places, and things that cannot be part of your new life.
16.Most of you cannot return to your _____ if you plan to stay out of prison.
17.Creating a new life takes a lot of time and a lot of _____.
21.During your incarceration most _____ were made for you

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