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GCSE Aggression

L Hillman

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1.Found watching Sesame Street can influence children's behaviour
3.Part of the personality that regulates morals
8.Influences the western world in pro-social and aggressive acts
9.A drawback to using drugs
10.Psychologist who said the children in the Bobo doll study knew what to do.
12.A defense mechanism in which aggressive behaviour is channelled into more acceptable behaviour
15.The I Demand part of the personality
16.Conducted research at traffic lights using clowns and crutches
17.Stated that you are more likely to be aggressive if watching contact sports
2.A person you might imitate
4.The voice of reason part of the personality
5.Very violent men have high levels of this hormone
6.A chemical that is linked to lowered aggression
7.The University where the Bobo doll study was conducted
11.A type of learning that happens by watching the consequences of another's actions
13.Conducted the Bobo doll study
14.Part of the brain that is responsible for aggression

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