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Unit 6 Review


1       2  
  4             5
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1._____ is the first stage of grief
4.To put yourself in the place of the victim and feeling their feelings is _____.
6.A _____ effect can start with a negative incident and reach the lives of people not even directly related to the original incident.
7._____ is the fourth stage of grief.
9.Empathy is different than _____.
12.Anger can create physical, emotional and social _____.
14.We all _____ emotions from our parents.
16.try to feel the _____ of your victims and loved ones if you wish to mane amends.
18._____ is the fifth stage of grief.
19.A _____ of empathy is directly associated with criminal behavior.
22.______ create their own misery.
23.It is hard for some people to talk about their _____.
24.There are _____ ways to deal with anger.
2.You should have been _____ to express your feelings when you were a child.
3.Making amends is more than an _____.
5.It is hard to be around _____ people
8.______ will help you in your transitioning into the free world.
9._____ your feelings produces stress.
10.Do you know the _____ to your anger?
11.There are _____ signs of anger.
13.Some people _____ to cover their behavior.
15._____ is the third stage of grief.
17._____ is the second stage of grief.
20.Often there are many _____ in our lives that we wish to delete.
21.There are _____ to making a sincere apology.
23.Many people hold feelings of anger over _____ events in their lives.

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