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GI System

Melanie Petchak

1 2 3 4
5                 6          
    10     11              
14 15     16    
17                 18                    
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22               23                

5.complication of constipation
6.malabsorption of B12 can lead to this
8.abnormal infrequency of defecation
10.medicine used to treat steatorrhea
13.type of IBD diagnosed most commonly in adolescents and young adults
17.medicine used to treat constipation
18.a complication of diverticulitis
19.appearance of bowel in Crohn's Disease
20.increased frequency of bowel movements
21.bacteria associated with peptic ulcers
22.most common type of peptic ulcer
23.mass of granulation tissue
24.morbid obesity refers to those who are ___times their ideal weight
1.ineffective straining at stool
2.surgery to sever the vagus nerve
3.direct visualization of the stomach lining
4.most common site in the colon for diverticular disease
7.inability of the GI system to absorb vitamins, minerals, or nutrients.
9.inflammation of the stomach
11.this type of imbalance can occur with diarrhea
12.complication of peptic ulcers
14.erosion in the stomach lining
15.excessive fat in the stool
16.involving all layers of GI wall
22.significant risk factor for gastric cancer

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