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Unit 3. Lesson 3.2


1 2       3
  5   6
8 9                      
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2.Feeling the _____ of being poor can begin in your growing up years.
4.Money cannot buy _____.
7._____ your goals.
8.Some people equate their _____ with how much money they have.
10.A workable budget is simply a way to _____ your spending and see where the money goes.
12.We live in a society where _____ seems the norm.
14.Some social researchers believe that crime is directly linked to poverty.
15.Identify your _____.
19.Our beliefs and expectations about money were learned in our _____.
20.A budget means gaining _____.
22.Identify all _____ of income.
24.A budget does not require _____ math.
25.Make appropriate _____ to your budget as needed.
26._____ how to budget is easy.
27._____ your budget.
1.Having _____ as a child can impact your adult life.
3.Money is often linked to complex _____, feelings, and behaviors.
5.Developing _____ to work within a budget taked determination.
6._____ is not the problem.
9._____ the role money played in your life.
11.Money is simply a _____ of exchange to support your needs and reach your goals.
13.Developing a _____ will help you meet success.
16.Some people have shame and _____ about being "poor."
17.Having a budget and _____, can help you avoid financial traps that could lead you back to prison.
18.Living _____ means voting, paying taxes, and obeying the law.
21.Many people grow up in poverty and live a _____ life.
23.It is not easy for a child to be _____ compared to children with better clothes or plenty of school supplies.
28.Money will seem like the root of all _____ until you gain control of it.

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