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Thanksgiving Fun

Lucy McClure

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Words

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5.The day we celebrate and give thanks
6.The sport game that is on television
8.A yellow starchy grain that most people think is a vegetable; it comes on a cob
9.An orange squash (vegetable) that is used for jack-o-lanterns at Halloween and pies at Thanksgiving
12.The bird we eat at Thanksgiving; it says "gobble gobble!"
13.What you call the period of time off of school
14.This makes up the tail of a turkey
1.Small pieces of bread and spices that are "stuffed" into the turkey and served as a side dish
2.A small, tart red berry used to make juice and sauce that is served with turkey
3.The people who came to America on the Mayflower
4.A dessert that is made with fruit; popular versions are cherry, apple, and pumpkin
7.The people you celebrate holidays with
10.A fun event where floats, bands, and performers march down the street together
11.These are usually mashed and surved with gravy and turkey

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