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2 3          
4             5
6         7     8
9             10        
11   12           13  
16       17                        
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20 21           22      

2.creepy, crawly insects
4.what Dracula is
6.the witching hour
9.transparent spirits
10.color of the mean lady's pet
11.what the trick or treaters wear
16.what the dogs do at night
17.monster made of several bodies and brought to life by the doctor
19.what girls do when they are scared (guys do it also but won't admit it)
20.month of Halloween
23.where Dracula sleeps during the day
24.what the transparent spirits say to scare you
25.mean lady (not Mrs. Vega) wearing black and has warts on her nose
26.this year's day of Halloween
1.what the creepy, crawly insects spin each night
3.they take the kids from house to house
5.what Dracula becomes to fly away
7.where the tombs are located
8.spooky pumpkins
12.the bony remains of the dead
13.what Michael Jackson became during the full moon
14.the mean lady's pet
15.dead body wrapped in rags that walks the earth groaning
18.mean lady's transportation (not Mrs. Vega's Ford Escape)
21.reasons to go trick or treating
22.ugly elfin creature that causes trouble

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