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Unit 4 Lesson 3.1


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1.It is most important for people to identify their _____ of association.
5.We can learn about powerful associations by taking a _____.
7.Some people tell addicts to just say "_____."
9.If you know your patterns of association, you can learn to _____ for them.
10._____ possible stubling blocks to your sobriety.
11.Once _____, we can rearrange these associations and prevent relapse.
12.Some people are in _____ about their addiction even as they walk back into prison.
15.Associations are as varied as _____.
17.The draw to your particular _____ can be the result of associations that were made over a period of time.
19.We must _____ common factors that may threaten our effort to protect our sobriety.
20.We may be _____ of many of the associations that lead to addiction.
21.Many of us know people that _____ from drugs for months or years, but relapsed.
22.Once an association to use to a group of _____, going to parties and other social activities may lead to falling back to old behaviors.
2.Powerful _____ are made between us and our friends, communities, our families, and our emotions.
3.Associations are _____ situations or events that prompt strong urges for what is missing.
4.The great deception that drug users tell themselves is that they are not _____.
6.Associations can be built through our senses such as _____.
8.Many well intentioned _____ people made many promises to not use, but they abused drugs any way.
13.The _____ of denial of addiction is powerful.
14.Life on the outside will present many difficult _____ for you.
16.We need to _____ how drugs work in our bodies.
18.There is no _____ for an addiction.

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