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Thinking and Intelligence

1                             2  
4   5                      
  6 7                       8                      
10                                                   11  
  14                           15              
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19                       20
    22   23                  

1.burden of dought about his or her own abilities
5.made up of concepts and express a unitary idea
7.instances of a concept are more representative than others
8.first apect of intelligence
9.focuses on how well people perform on standardized tests
10.often has no clear correct solution
12.third aspect of intelligence
13.a mental category that groups objects, relations, activities, abstractions, or qualities that share certain properties
14.remain outside of awareness but affect behavior
17.overestimation of their ability to make accurate predictions
18.Intelligence Quotient
19.purposeful mental activity that involves drawing inferences and conclusions
21.can often be solved by applying an Algorithm
23.rules of thumb that suggest a course of action without guaranteeing an optimal solution
24.two logical processes
2.the exaggeration and likelihood of improbable events
3.serve as mental modelsof aspects of the world
4.hard to define
6.second aspect of intelligence
11.lie outside of awareness but can be brought in consciousness when necessary
15.studies shows that many peope have trouble thinking dialectical
16.play a role in thinking
20.a set of procedures that are guaranteed to produce a solution
22.the mental manipulation of information

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