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Holiday Puzzle

Library Committee

1 2     3
4     5 6
7                   8  
    9             10  
    14         15      
16               17 18                
20                 21               22
  23                 24    

2.Book in the N.T. that tells the birth of Jesus
7.Name one of the Three Wise Men
9.What place did the 3 Wise Men go to worship the King
10.A word meaning behold
12.The first word of the angels song to the shepherds
13.Author of "Best Christmas Pageant Ever"
14.Author of "Blue and Gray Christmas"
16.What group came first to the stable
18.What was Joseph's occupation
20.City where Jesus was born
21.Mary went to visit __________ before Jesus was born
23.Name one of the Three Wise Men
25.Who wrote "Redbird Christmas"
26.Who was governor at the time of Jesus' birth.
28.Son of Elizabeth and Zechariah (3 Words)
1.Who was Joseph a decendant of
3.Mary, Joseph & Jesus fled to _________
4.Name Elizabeth's husband
5.Where was Mary living at the time of the angel's visit
6.Muslims believe Jesus was a _________
8.Mother of Jesus
11.Name one of the Three Wise Men
15.At the time of Jesus' birth who was the Emperor of Rome (2 Words)
17.Hymn originally written in German (2 Words)
19.What event brought Mary & Joseph to Bethlehem
22.Who was king of Judea
24.Name the angel that visited Mary
27.Author of "Shepherds Abiding"

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