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Chapter 2-1200

Establishing Survivorship

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    5 6               7
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2.If the CE knows of additional claimants, the CE sends a _______.
5.The RD does NOT include all the ________ of the claimants.
8.The ____ _____ (2 words) signs the determination letter in an alternative filing claim.
11.You will probably have to loosen your _____ on turkey day.
12.Some states acknowledge __________ ______ (2 words) marriages.
14.A stepchild does not have to ______ with the employee to be eligible.
16.If the employee dies prior to payment, the payment is ________ and monies returned to the Treasure Dept.
17.A ______ _______ is needed to establish a claim for a surviving spouse.
18.You will probably watch this on Thanksgiving Day.
1.Claims for _______________ are not eligible under Part E.
3.If the employee's claim is accepted but dies of a non-covered condition, the spouse is entitled to _______ (3 words).
4.____________ are eligible under Part B and Part E.
6.A ________ letter is sent to the claimant after a decision is made on an alternative filing claim.
7.If a person is convicted of fraud under EEOICPA, entitlement to benefits is ______.
9.It is only necessary to establish that the child was incapable of self-support on the ____ of the employee's death.
10.What a turkey says (2 words).
13.A person who was only a _______ of a deceased employee is not considered a covered child.
15.Burden of proof rests on the __________.

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