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Chapter 11

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5     6      
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  15                   16
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2.Infants practice grabbing and swiping at objects is called the Mitten ____?
3.during teething many babies willl want to _____ on thing.
5.Babies bodies _____ their sleeping patterns in the first few months.
10.When weaning you should ____ a feeding?
11.Babies stop and stare at objects in the direction of should which improves their _____?
12.Place a ____ at the top of stairs.
15.Babies need to loose the ______ reflex.
19.usually first teeth to appear will be the two _____ front tooth.
20.Baby should be in a safety ____ when not attended.
21.Babies mouth and tounge develop in sync with its _____ system?
22.development proceeds from the trunk outward is about of _____ Motor Skills?
24.Check the _____ on all toy products.
25.Baby should have complete _____ control?
26.Between four and _____ babies first tooth will appear.
27.parents need to be ____ when it comes to bed times.
1.Baby needs to be sitting _____ to swallow well?
4.As babies move their arms they begin to notice their ______ ?
6._____ can begin as early as 3 months.
7.Parents need to ____ babies cries once placed in the crib and only tend to serious cries.
8._____ to appear are the eyeteeth.
9.______ is when you stop breast feeding or using formula?
13.During the third month the _____ Body Control develops?
14.Babies are ready to eat solids with they have almost ______ their birth weight.
16.Keep _____ on cabinet doors.
17.Infants learn to hold two objects is called the ______ Grasp?
18.______ or reading to their childen can help calm them down from daily activities.
23.only severe hunger and illness will keep the baby _____.

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