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By Mrs. Pitcher

Read each description carefully and think of the vocabulary word that it is talking about. Remember to write a letter per square for the vocabulary word.

1 2
3                   4
8                 9

3.People that immigrated from England to find a new place to be free.
5.A U.S. celebration where Americans give thanks for living in a country where they are free.
7.When people leave their country to find a better place to live in.
8.The ship where the Pilgrims sailed to find a new place to live.
10.The name the Pilgrims gave to the new land. (2 Words)
1.People that were born and already lived in the United States are called____________________. (2 Words)
2.A group of people that left their country to find a new place to settle, but still are conneced to the mother country.
4.The name of the place where the Pilgrims immigrate it from.
6.A Patuxet Native American that taught the Pilgrims how to plant crops and hunt for the Pilgrims to survive.
9.The country where the Pilgrims came from.

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