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Unit 2, Lesson 1.2


1         2   3     4
7             8    
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    16                   17
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1.Sometimes we defeat ourselves by setting _____ goals.
6.Consider how you got _____ you are today.
7.Those who are highly _____ see only the flaws in themselves.
11.Are you totally willing to be _____ with yourself?
12.You _____ your life.
14.Tru to learn what motivates yourself above all else.
16.Strong _____ and drives are niether good or bad.
18.See what _____ in the way and blocks our goals.
19.Distinguish _____ from essential motivations.
22._____ the things that would keep you from being totally honest with yourself.
23.Do you like _____ in general?
2.Find out what you _____ about yourself.
3.Explore the questions without _____.
4._____ is a journey you choose to take
5.Know how the goals you achieve bring meaning to your life.
8.A _____ goal is easier to reach by using several short term goals along the way.
9.With positive change comes positive _____.
10.Find out what _____ you like in others
13.It helps to _____ significant events in your life and the decissions associated with the impact made on you and others.
15.Real _____ is being aware that change is inevitable.
17.Identify your _____.
19.View the _____ in terms of possibilities, not in terms of barriers.
20.Learn what is ______ about yourself.
21.Real _____ is taking full responsibility for your life - past, present, and future.

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