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Black Drop Puzzle #2

S. Casey

1 2 3 4
5 6   7            
    9   10
11                 12             13
  15     16    
  18                   19         20
24   25   26 27    
28                 29   30    
    31               32            
  35       36             37
  38                   39   40  
        41               42    
43                       44            
    48   49          
50                   51            
55                           56        

7.Our cookie with M&Ms.
8.Oft kilted gentleman. Latte master.
11.Black tea flavored with bergamot.
12.Newest employee. Best laugh.
14.Chai and Egg Nog ecstasy.
17.The beautiful chemical (in our coffee) that makes you so happy.
18.Black Drop Ninja #1, she keep it all going behind the scenes.
19.Roaster Supreme of our beans.
21.Non-caffeiinated, soothing tea.
22.Not for here.
23.Italian for "marked."
27.Hangs on our walls.
28.Keep it simple: espresso shots in hot water.
31.Our beans from El Salvador have this nick-name.
32.The seasonal wind that is essential for the taste of our Indian Malabar beans.
34.Those we love. Everyday.
36.Afrikaans for "red bush."
38.If the shot is not perfect, we do this.
41.Peanut butter and banana mocha or the latter King.
43.Espresso drink named for after the color of Friars' habits.
44.Often depicted in your latte. Champollion would be proud.
45.The male founder of the Black Drop (first name.)
46.Best Coffehouse in Bellingham. You know it. Spread the word.
47.Pre-Black Drop coffee mood.
49.Second most traded commodity in the world.
50.Rhymes with "Who I Am."
51.The creator of great beauty and wonder for you to drink.
53.Banana and coconut mocha.
54.O Sweet Sweet Nectar of Consciousness!
55.White Mocha with Laveder Latte. The cure for your day.
56.British quickbread of Scottish origin.
1.Legendary creator of the Level 10 Fireball.
2.We often say this Homeric exclamation.
3.We make these sodas from scratch. However you like 'em.
4.One is never enough if it is one of our coffee.
5.If you add a little whip cream to your espresso, you got it ___ _____.
6.Round, toasted, often served with cream cheese.
9.A short shot of espresso.
10.Our coffee is.
12.Primary ingredient in the giant spiral pastries.
13.We have a thing about saving the city from this sort of apocalypse.
15.Green tea combined with roasted brown rice.
16.The yummiest part of the espresso shot is called the _____.
19.We have almond/poppyseed, coffee cake, black bottom types of these.
20.Hot and mulled.
24.We proudly work off of this type of espresso machine.
25.How often our beans are roasted.
26.He likes bones, inappropriately.
29.The rating of our chipotle and mocha drink.
30.What are always free on Fridays?
33.We have started to carry many pastry items that are ______ free.
35.On top of your mocha or your hot chocolate.
37.Two raw sugars, drip, some cream, two shots of 'spro. We love to call them out hot.
39.The Black Drop in Spanish.
40.She remembers everyone's name. Latte artist.
42.Cold-brewed deliciousness available in the Summer.
46.The female founder of the Black Drop (first name).
48.Vexing to Capt. Kirk.
49.Bugs Bunny's favorite cake.
52.Nausea inducing Easter candy.

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