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Ceramics Vocab Quiz

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1.The shaping of a sculpture by an artist into a desired form.
5.3D work of art created out of wood, metal, or clay by carving, welding, casting, or modeling.
8.The removal of portions of sculpting material in order to create form.
11.Pottery which has been fired once to harden it, prior to glazing.
12.The stage between plastic and bone dry.
13.Furnace in which clay is fired in once to harden it, prior to glazing.
16.Kneading the clay to eliminate air bubbles.
17.A thin glossy coating of minerals mixed with water to "paint" ceramics.
2.Unfired pottery or sculpture
3.Creamy mixture of clay and water used to fasten pieces of clay together
4.Work of art surrounded on all sides by space.
6.A process of heating clay at very high temperatures and then allowing it to cool in order to make it hard and resistant to water.
7.The stage of drying when moisture in the clay has evaporated so the clay surface no longer feels cold.
8.stiff, sticky earth that is used in ceramics.
9.3D work of art consisting of many pieces assembled together.
10.The process of creating containers, dishware or decorative and functional objects from clay.
14.When form projects from a flat background.
15.Long roll of clay joined into a circle or spiral

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