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Eggs Review


1 2 3
4   5 6            
  7 8     9  
10   11                   12        
  16 17             18
20 21 22                  
23         24 25    
      26   27         28    
31 32    

4.This many eggs equalone serving
6.Eggs can be used in batters and for _______________.
11.Twisted cord-like strands of egg white.It anchors the yolk in the center
12.Eggs can be white or this color
13.Eggs absorb this easily
14.Also called Iron
15.Leavening usually makesfoodsdo this
17.Type of egg blending
19.Don't keep eggs out of the fridge longer than this many hours
22.Eggs don't contain this vitamin
23.Occurs when eggs have been overcooked
26.Means to "clot"
30.Minutes it takes to cook a hard-cooked egg
31.Eggs can be purchased this way
34.Use this temperature when cooking eggs
1.As eggs age,they lose
2.The color of the egg yolk depends on this for the animal
3.Type of small egg
5.Type of cooked egg that is flipped
7.It takes a newly laid egg this many hours to reach the grocery store
8.This grade is the freshest grade of eggs
9.It is best to cook with this type of egg
10.Minutes it takes to cook a soft-cooked egg
16.Eggs are considered this food group
18.The way eggs are classified
20.The best thing to store eggs in at home
21.The part of the egg that may contain Salmonella
24.Equipment needed for making baked eggs
25.Also called the egg white
27.A part of an egg found at the large end of the egg
28.The shell accounts for less than this percent of total weight of the egg
29.Only the yolk part contains this
32.The organization that reglates eggs
33.The part of the egg that is the richest in nutrients

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