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1             2                
  3                           4
    9   10        
  11   12                
        13 14

1.What is the reason code you select when you re-route to PI?
3.In transit tracer: Shipper has not spoken with the cons and cannot provide a phone number. You are unable to locate a valid # in CP. How will you document your interview?
5.DaddyEagle needs you all to ____________ today!
6.Best AHT from 11/22
7.King of the gods
9.The suite/room/floor # ALWAYS goes on address _________________
12.There are 1 billion ______________ in use
15.Misdelivery Tracer: Shipper provides a phone number for the cons but there is no answer. How will you document your interview?
1.This should only be used when absolutely neccesary
2.What is the comments you must place in a re-route?
4.______________ hours of video are uploaded every MINUTE on YouTube
8._______________ is still due some calls from corporate this month
10.God of the sea
11.Messenger of the gods
13.Number of days left in the month
14.God of love and beauty

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