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Unit 4 Lesson 4.2


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1.Conquering _____ is a struggle to regain power and control.
5.An _____ event triggers the individual to use
7.You may have to _____ the loss of your substance abuse as you move into change.
8.Sometimes the urge to use is so strong that they _____ the steps and go to the act and the pay off stage.
10.You can not do it _____ - you will need support.
13.In _____ , the person believes that he learned his lesson and that he will never drink again.
15.In the _____ stage, one might say, "I'll go to Joe's Bar and just talk with my old buddies - then I'll go to AA."
17.With your new skills, the help of qualified professionals, and supportive peers, you can establish a new _____.
20.The promise might be made to a _____ who is threatening to revoke parole due to the ex-felon's drinking.
22.The set up is not innocent. The urge and the permission stages set the desire to use into motion.
23.This stage of the addiction cycle is where one says "I did a good job - I deserve a drink."
2.Denying yourself the _____ of a substance will be experienced as a huge loss.
3.The activating _____ is the second stage of the addiction cycle.
4.The _____ is the third stage in the addiction cycle is one where one says "I don't need this stress, I need a drink."
6.In _____ the person feels terrible, worries about a dirty UA, or feels he should have gone home.
9.A person gives themself an _____ permission statement like
11.Breaking ______ is a struggle for life.
12.In the_____ stage, one might say "What could I do. My buddy insisted on buying me a drink."
14.Many _____ such as AA are available for support.
16.In the _____ stage one gets smashed at the bar - what relief
18.Avoiding substances will seem like a loss of a dependable way to _____ with life.
19.Gaining sobriety takes time and many attempts.
21.Everything is _____ is the first step of the addiction cycle.

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