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Vampires in Dracula

Maxine Hood

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1.When vampires sleep, they are in a _____.
4.Vampires _____ greatly exceeds mortals by 20 times.
5.Vampires can transform themselves into _____ and _____. (2 Words)
8.Vampires are ______ to most diseases.
11.Vampires have the ability to multiply by ________.
13.Vampires have to have an ______ before entering a home.
15.Vampires get appear to get ______ when a long period of time have gone by without feeding.
17.______ symbols are powerful weapons againts vampires.
19.Vampires have no ______.
20.Vampires do not need ______ to live.
2.Vampires usually sleep in _____.
3.Vampires can _______ into some animals.
6.During the day light, vampires lose their _____ powers.
7.Vampires are ______ to mortal weapons.
9.Vampires have to rest on a layer of land from their _____. (2 Words)
10.Vampires powers ______ with age and experience.
12.Vampires are capable of ________.
14.Vampires are ______ when walking around during the day time and sleeping in their coffins.
16.Vampires can get _____ again by drinking blood.
18.Vampires can modify their ______.

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