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The Internet's Effects on Music

Pat Denton

Try out your knowledge of the current trend in the music business market and how it's changing the way we appreciate the medium.

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1.With album sales suffering, musicians can rely on this for funds.
4.Cohesive albums are being downplayed for the more lucrative ____
5.First mainstream "choose what to pay" album.
9.The Music Industry has seen drastic changes in the last.
12.Internet killed this format.
13.The online _____ store, the largest legal mp3 downloading software.
17.This Beatles album would have a tough time getting made today.
19....hated Napster
20.Napsters death lead to the rise of ____
21.Internet radio allows you to chose stations based on your individual _____.
1.VCR is to DVD; CD is to ____
2.Fugazi frontman that does not condone the illegal downloading of his albums.
3.Owes their success to the Internet; TV show O.C.'s soundtrack
6.Software that opened the music downloading floodgates.
7.Leads the way prosecuting music pirates.
8.Semi-successful musicians often need these during their down-time.
10.Nearly _____ of all internet traffic is devoted to illegal file sharing.
11.Everyone has this portable music player, often filled with illegal music.
14.Unless you own a physical copy of the album, personal music sharing is _____.
15.This pop star's single made most of it's money thanks to a spot on T.V.'s Glee.
16.Current dominant p2p sharing software
18.Music Genome Project

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