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1 2   3        
  4 5  
9                         10
11             12 13           14  
  15     16       17    
19               20              

2.a drink made from rum, cream and eggs
6.used in a sauce and served with turkey
8.where santa lives
9.served with gravy
11.hangs on a tree
13.who stole Christmas in who-ville
15.another word fo gifts
18.what do two people stand under and then kiss each other
19.the spiced bread mixture placed insid a turkey before roasting
20.santa fills it with presents for the children
1.santa rids in . . .
3.what shape is commonly used in Chrsitmas cookies
4.celebrated on December 25
5.whatis hung on the doors during christma
9.a filling for pie made of raisins and dried fruit
10.santa's original name
12.large bird often raosted for Christmas
14.what do sing when they go house to house
16.what type of weather is hoped for on Christmas
17.a spice often used to prepare stuffing

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