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Unit 2, Lesson 1.2


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2.Enjoy the honeymoon period, but don't expect it to _____.
4.Upon your return home, everyone is likely to be _____
5.The first days home, everyone will be on their best _____.
8.Change takes _____.
10.On objective is to find _____ when you get out.
12._____ is the time to begin communicating with your family.
13.A family may mean a person or persons who are not _____ parents.
18.A family is thought to be a unit of people who are related.
20.Some may be _____ and returning to their parent's home.
21.Some may be single parents with _____ of their child/children.
22.Some may be married and returning to an intact family.
23.Rejoining your family as a _____is a significant challenge you must face.
1.The main social unit in which you live
3.It will take _____ to rekindle your family relationship
4._____ needs time to adjust to your homecoming.
6.The first days of being home are usually called the _____ period.
7.Some may be not married but the parent of a child who needs _____.
9.Let your family members know how _____ they are to you.
11.Transition will take _____.
14.Some of you may be released to _____ houses.
15.The main point of changing is to not come back to prison - avoid _____.
16.You must _____ to being home
17.Having a healthy and supportive family is the most important _____ in keeping motivated to not go back to prison.
19.Some may be _______ with children in theri spouse's custody.

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