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Unit 2. Lesson 1-2


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  9                     10                    
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1.No matter if you win or lose, they must be paid.
4.What we want to happen.
6.A major source of pressure to meet and a possible trigger into drug use and criminal behavior
7.When you must appear before the bench.
9.Usually not the best defense for you
12.This happen on the release day.
15.To enter into a program and choose to remain clean and sober.
16.They are found in disfunctional holes with drug abuse and violence.
17.Many families gained this during the period of incarceration of a family member
19.Basic unit of those who you live with and may be related to.
22.This happens upon arrest.
23.A necessary element for closer relations with family or friends.
24.The process of being admitted to prison or state jail.
25.Seek out positive environments that don't threaten your recovery or non-criminal lifestyle.
2.Without the persence of a user, dealer, or criminal behavior in the house, there was general _____.
3.The cost of a fee assigned to a guilty verdict.
5.A thought that crosses your mind when you get home.
6.One of the signs of domestic violence.
8.The urge to use can lead to this condition.
10.With a family member incarcerated the family had _____.
11.Something you must face that you left behind regarding family members.
13.Seek out these positive individuals that have your well being in mind.
14.The period when you return home after release. This is usually a good time for the ex-felon and family members.
18.Doing things that support your recovery and your non-criminal lifestyle.
20.Alcohol and drug abuse can lead to this form of domestic violence.
21.You must pay this as you appear before the bench.
23.Childrens protective services

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