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Everest College Factiods


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1.Everest has these in 24 states.
9.In November 2010, this was one way that was suggested to help in finding and sustaining motivation.
10.In addition to holding a High School Diploma or GED and meeting with an admissions representative, prospective students must take the Career Placement ___ ___ before enrolling in Everest.
11.Military Spouses can qualify for scolarships that discount their tuition by ___% (spell out the number).
14.Everest won this medal in March for placing 30th (nationwide) the 2010 "Web 2.0 Olympics" (other recipients of this medal were Harvard and Vanderbilt).
15.When applying to attend Everest, the prospective student must complete the application AND this form.
2.Though different Everest locations may be titled as College, University, or Institute, this title is only used in one state (choose from the three).
3.The #4 reason to attend Everest
4.In addition to internet access, libraries, student activities, field trips, special lectures, and student blogs, enrolled students are provided with this resource.
5.Career Placement Services helps students with coaching for managing different business situations, rehearsing interview techniques, making appropriate wardrobe choices, online employment searches, and __.
6.The #1 reason to attend Everest
7.According to an article posted on the Everest website in September of 2010, this is one of the top reasons to become an Accountant (one word).
8.Up-to-date curriculum, close relationships with local employers, and flexible scheduling for working students are some of the ways in which Everest ___ students for real world careers.
12.How many states have Everest schools with multiple titles - ie: some are called College and some are called Institute (spell out the number)?
13.On December 6, 2010 Everest College opened this new campus.

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