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Colin Hinds

Quick facts about life and experiences of Sean Payton. Specifically the 2009 Super Bowl winning season with the New Orleans Saints. All answers are made with no spaces, including names.

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7.The coach that Al Davis was replacing, he was also a friend of Sean's
9.The name of the college that Sean Payton attended and where he was a standout quarterback on the football team. (Hint: Tony Romo's former school also)
13.The sport which Sean Payton brought his team to play in order to build team trust.
15.After a great 2009 regular season which great NFL quarterback did the Saints find themselves matched up against in the NFC championship?
16.The Saints general manager who convinced Sean to become the new Saints head coach in 2006.
17.The team that Sean Payton desperately wanted to coach, but eventually was not offered the job in 2006.
1.The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who helped convince Sean to turn down the coaching offer to Al Davis.
2.The beverage that Sean Payton had waiting for his team on the plane after they beat the Cowboys on Sunday night.
3.The name of the coach who handed over play calling duties to Sean in New York.
4.The name of the team that the Saints beat in Super Bowl XLIV.
5.The school at which Sean Payton got his coaching start, (as a graduate assistant).
6.The running back the Saints drafted 2nd overall in 2006 after the Texans passed up on him.
8.The legendary coach who brought Sean with him to Dallas in 2003.
10.The college at which Sean Payton decided to change training camp to in 2006 (Hint: it is in Mississippi).
11.The quarterback who the Saints signed in free agency in the 2006 off-season. (Hint: he had off-season shoulder surgery six weeks before).
12.The team that the Saints beat in their first back in the Superdome.
14.The team that Al Davis attempted to get Sean Payton to be the head coach of

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