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First Aid


Revision exercise for First Aid at Work

1 2 3
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    15 16 17   18      
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38                     39        

7.Do not move the patient if this injury is suspected
8.Report of serious injury at work (abbreviation)
10.Caused by a clot in the coronary artery (2 Words)
12.The safest pose for the unconscious (2 Words)
19.To put on an open wound (2 Words)
20.Over-reaction to food, sting or drug (2 Words)
22.A symptom of shock
24.Ten Minute burn treatment (2 Words)
27.Avoids cross-infection
29.Resuscitation (abbreviation)
32.A pudding for strains and sprains
33.The first check on a person who appears unconscious
34.May be caused by epilepsy
36.Illness which makes breathing difficult
37.Specialist resuscitation tool
38.Treatment for broken bone
39.The longest human bone
40.Caused by a narrowing of the coronary artery
1.Stroke symptoms (abbreviation)
2.Aims of First Aid (abbreviation)
3.Feeling for the heart rate
4.First aider should give this to paramedic
5.Incident Priorities (abbreviation)
6.Pain, swelling, bruising & deformity indicate this
9.The best treatment for most bleeding (2 Words)
11.Used to support an injured arm (2 Words)
13.Robin Williams did this to Pierce Brosnan in Mrs. Doubtfire (2 Words)
14.Misinformation used for optical chemical splash
15.Do this to the feet of a shock patient
16.You must be doing this to live
17.May be caused by stress (3 Words)
18.Caused by low blood pressure or volume
21.Open this first
23.Dangerously low body temperature
25.What should be 5-6 centimetres @ 100-120 per minute?
26.Can block the airway
28.System of heart and blood vessels
30.These must be 2 at a time for 1 second each
31.The only medication allowed in First Aid
35.Your first consideration at an incident

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