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1 2            
3                   4
5     6  
7           8      
  9   10                
11         12            
        13         14    
  16     17               18
19 20                  
22     23   24 25 26        
          27   28    
      29     30     31  
34               35    

2.el matador
3.dot com kit sponsor
7.original USL jersey brand
10.ironic for such sweet beginnings
11.the first to call that MLS
13.the one to blame
15.arrested sounder
16.Landon's for his Portland visit
19.numerically retired
21.exclusively away goals for PTFC
22.perennial preseason peninsula
26.warrior poet
27.barnacle's brand of business
29.TA old firm ties
33.original chainsawed mascot
34.80th minute songwriter
35.ousted anal initials
36.sunflower goal scorer
1.mental companion
2.painful cranial read
4.first non Timber MLS signee
5.portland's official soccer lover/hater
6.hey, leave those kids alone!
8.this is our team, the mighty
9.Landin's club for his Portland visit
12.original chainsaw mascot
14.hated by real fans
17.alfred lord timber
18.literary westend
20.army's contribution to humanity
23.long distance swimmer
24.pink projectiles
25.red shoes
28.chronic father
30.american alien
31.hotspur hairpull

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