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Instruments and Ensembles

Christmas Test 2010

1 2
  4 5          
6     7 8   9    
  12   13
  14           15    
16                     17      
18             19          

3.The highest stringed instrument
4.A family of the orchestra which you play with a bow
8.A type of percussion instrument which creates a melody
10.The lowest stringed instrument
11.A woodwind instrument beginning with C
14.A large ensemble which performs which ALL instruments involved
16.The family of instruments which one can hit and creates a rhythm
17.The lowest brass instrument
18.The highest woodwind instrument
19.A woodwind instrument beginning with F
20.Stringed instrument c_ _ _ _
1.A family of the orchestra which you blow in to
2.A family of the orchestra which you blow in to and play by pressing valves
5.The brass instrument one plays by pulling in and out a long valve
6.A type of percussion instrument which creates a rhythm
7.The highest brass instrument
9.Another word for 9 people playing together at the same time
12.The lowest woodwind instrument
13.A small ensemble which performed for rich people in the past
15.The most common brass instrument

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