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1 2               3    
4         5  
      6                   7
8   9        
10                     11                  
12                       13        
15             16 17                  
  20 21                                    
    22 23      
24                         25                  
    26                           27  
  28     29       30    
      33                     34

2.overnight watch
4.number of guarantor account types
6.which verbal order must not be discharged without a physicians signature
10.how to diagnose sleeping problems
11.personan financially responsible for patient
13.patient id
15.in charge of schedules
17.where to put patient who is being admitted
21.Larry, Larry and Larry
24.who we turn to for supplies
25.person with weapon or hostage situation
26.liberty ESR Manager
29.setting for inpstaient tv in order to play a dvd
32.list of physicians to contact
33.ED record 1, ED record 2 and nursing notes
35.Where to locate physician information
36.used to protect staff from germs and bodily fluids
37.phone directory in epic
38.only time ESR is allowed to change a patients name
1.something done at intake
3.one form that ESR's fax
4.how many launguage fields must be filled in?
5.who we call to merge a squad
7.what we place on discharge paperwork
8.who we call for computer problems
9.what is the ED golden rule?
13.parent calling through statline
14.who we use to transfer patients to base
16.standard for service excellence
18.what to remember in case of a fire
19.limited english proficient
20.what we request of parents after registration process
22.person who is authroized to give consent for treatment
23.what you need from pacific interpreter services
24.Law allowing a parent to deliver a child to a hosptial without facing legal consequences
27.who we call for x-rays
28.process while computer system is being upgraded
30.piece of information that is verified during registration
31.what symbol allows you to enter a foreign map or postal code?
34.name of questionaire for patients presenting with medicare

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