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Mrs. Fraser

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1.A material that does not carry electric current well
4.The tiny particles that make up all things
7.The energy of an atom or part of an atom. When ataoms gain or lose electrons, they gain electric charge.
11.The charge that a substance has it its atoms have lost electrons to other atoms
12.One of the ends of a battery. Every battery has a positive terminal and a negative terminal
13.Tiny pieces
14.The path that an electric current follows
1.An atom that has gained or lost electrons
2.Energy created between objects that have different electric charges
3.The center of an atom. The nucleus is made of protons and neutrons
5.The charge that a substance has if its atoms have gained extra electrons from other atoms
6.A circular or oval path. Electrons follow an orbit around the center of an atom
8.Materials that carry electric current well
9.The flow of electricity through something
10.The parts of an atom that have a negative charge. Electrons circle around the center of the atom

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