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1 2
3 4     5              
7 8                 9             10    
11 12                 13  
    14                   15       16
  20                       21      
    22   23                  
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27 28 29             30                  
31                             32   33  
    34   35                            
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40         41            
        42   43           44    
45                       46   47  
  49     50  
52   53           54      
      55       56            
  57         58        

4.Before Christmas
5.Celebrates the visit of the three wise men
8.Good excuse to steal a kiss
9.Renaissance paintings representing the mother of Christ
10.Color of Rudolph's nose
11.Young king of Tarsus who came to see the baby Jesus
14.Birthplace of Jesus
18.Ballet performed during the Christmas season
20.Sparkle used for decorating
23.Baubles hanging on Christmas tree
24.Decorated cardboard tube that reveals a small gift when opened
25.Keeper of the flock
29.Frosty's eyes
30.Candle scent
31.Sound we often hear at Christmas time
35.Form of communication during the holiday season
37.Something people often do during the Christmas season
39.Burns on Christmas Eve & all day Christmas
41.Creature who was not stirring on Christmas eve
43.God with us
45.Christmas plant
46.Sign of good luck in a Christmas tree
48.Making cakes and cookies in the oven
52.Birth of Jesus
55.Placed on top of Christmas tree
56.You'll miss out if you behave this way
57.Number of ships that sailed in on Christmas morning
58.They help Santa to design toys and process children's requests
59.Prickly bush with red berries
1.Christmas tradition symbolic of Jesus' crown of thorns
2.Catholic tradition on Christmas eve
3.English name for Santa Claus
4.Wrapped with love
6.Last name of "Silent Night" composer
7.Spicy drink made with apple juice, oranges, cinnamon and cloves
12.Guardians who annnounce the good news
13.Santa's favorite snack
15.House made of sweet treats
16.Very popular in decorating trees in the 1950's
17.Irving Berlin classic
19.Christmas tradition that people either love or hate
22.Often made of pine, spruce or cedar trees to decorate homes
26.What Santa is often heard to say
27.Sweet, red and white
28.Writer of "The Christmas Song"
32.Number of Santa's reindeer
33.Small village in which Mary lived
34.Steamed holiday pudding whose name is a misnomer
36.Quote from W.T. Ellis -- "It is Christmas in the ______ that puts Christmas in the air.
38.Jeanette needs to bring this
40.Hung by the chimney
42.Wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus
44.Holiday drink that may also include whiskey, rum, brandy or cognac
47.Number of geese a-laying
49.Character created by Dr. Seuss who is known for stealing
50.Santa's shoes
51.Box in a stable from which cattle eat
53.Shiny decorative strand
54.Christmas color

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