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walkie talkies and xmas2

jacob fare

this will be about all different types of two way radios and some xmas questions as well

2 3       4
5             6
  7 8 9                
11               12          
13   14        
15           16     17

3.i need a ____ from you as its nearly xmas??
5.dvd,s vidows, etc...
9.the day after xmas?? [6-3]
10.something which you can you can grow and a kit and they can be rare??
11.open these at christmas??
12.radio with a curved ariel??
14.falls down from the sky/ and cold
16.something which grows in the ground
19.motarola radio with a range up to 10km!!
1.gods son
2.have around at xmas
4.have this after dinner?
6.have on your dinner table at christmas
7.the day on xmas??
8.something which makes a building??
9.company of a walkie talkie name [terrain 550???]
12.this two ray radio can sync between channels and call the other person with name on screen?
13.comes down the chimney??
17.helped santa at christmas
18.binatone terrain 550 has a range up to ___.?

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