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football player names & supply


1 2      
3 4                       5
7 8            
  12           13         14  
15                 16         17

2.protects the players
4.when the other team catches the ball
6.its the band's turn on the field
7.when the ball drops but can still be in play
9.wide receiver with the most career touchdowns
10.out of bounds
12.QB with 297 starts in a row; right now in 2010; has a 19 year career in the NFL
15.the line where the ball is placed; a practice game
16.where the audience sit
18.big receiver
19.something that is thrown
1.not a placekick
2.QB with highest salary; plays for the Chargers
3.another word for grass
5.not a punt
8.what you kick the ball through
11.has the logo of the team on the side;sometimes has a stripe down the middle
13.its three points
14.a team leader
17.QB's nightmare

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