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1       2
3   4 5        
  6 7          
    10 11
12             13          
16   17          
19   20          
21       22

1.Peter ____. A Wailer. (4)
5.The Band's Last Dance. (5)
7.The Sugarcubes most famous alumni. (5)
8.Bassist. (6)
9.The MC follows the format. (9)
12.King _______ Time. Ex-Beta Band front man's solo project, and Sonny Boy William's 1940's blues radio show. (7)
13.Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto ____ i Domènech (4)
15.Harmonica Player, in a band that included Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers & Baby Face Leroy Foster (5,6)
17.Lux Interior sang for The ______. (6)
18.Nick Drake's friend. Recorded Solid Air. (10)
20.Drum & Bass legend, Kevin Ford's alias (2,4)
21.David _____ New Wave front man & founder of the Luaka Bop Record Label (5)
1.Surname of one of The Herbaliser DJ's (5)
2.OBEY ____, & Andre has a posse. (5)
3.Ravi Shankar's musical relative. (6)
4.Probably the world's most famous cellist. (6)
6.Hans Christian Andersen wrote about 3 guys who Did It Like This. (12)
8.New York graffiti artist, portrayed by Jeffrey Wright in a film of the same name. (8)
10.Old School Hip Hop group, who made the album Labcabincalifornia (8)
11.Ali _____ Touré. One of Africa's most celebrated musicians. (5)
12.Italian Street Artist. (3)
14.One (3)
16.N.W.A Came Straight Outta (7)
19.____ Erickson. Lead singer of pschedelia pioneers The 13th Floor Elevators. (4)
22.Record Label (3)

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