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#104.00 Fireground Safety

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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4._____ crews must be notified and evacuated from interior operations before aerial master streams go into operation
5.If possible, the _____ officers of those areas to be evacuated should request an acknowledgment of the emergency traffic dispatch from those crews to be evacuated
7.The _____ traffic announcement is designed to provide immediate notification for all fireground personnel of a notable hazard that is either about to occur, or has occurred
12.Positioning of _____ companies can severely affect the safety and or survival of such companies
13.When operating either above or below ground _____, establish at least two (2) separate escape routes/means where possible
16.Elevators without the Emergency _____ shall not be used at anytime if a working fire is indicated
18._____ FIRELINE tape is intended to keep civilians and spectators out of an area where a hazard exists or where operations are in progress
19.Command may initiate a ___ after the evacuation has been completed
21.The use of "Emergency Traffic" should be initiated only when the hazard appears to be _____
23.Some risk is acceptable, in a measured and controlled _____
24.No building or property is worth the ____ of a fire fighter
25.Before using an elevator, the nearest enclosed _____ should be identified
1.Structures of other than fire protected/heavy timber construction are not designed to withstand the effects of fire, and can be expected to fail after approximately _____ minutes of heavy fire involvement
2.Sector officers and _____ officers shall be able to account for the whereabouts and welfare of all crews/crew members under their assignment at all times
3.No level of risk is acceptable where there is no potential to save lives or save _____
6.Under fire conditions light weight _____ and bar joist roof construction can be expected to fail after minimal fire exposure
8.When operating in a defensive mode, operating positions should be as far from the involved area as possible while still remaining _____
9.Remember, “Everybody goes ____!”
10.If structural failure of a building or section of a building appears likely, a perimeter must be established immediately and shall be a safe distance from the area which may _____
11.Fire fighters shall not be committed to interior _____ operations in abandoned or neglected buildings
14.The object of the search effort is to locate possible victims, not create additional ones by neglecting the safety of the _____ crew
15._____ has the responsibility to recognize situations involving high risk to personnel and to initiate appropriate safety measures to ensure personnel safety
17._____ firefighting operations should be abandoned when the extent of the fire prohibits control or the structure becomes unsafe to operate within
20.In extremely hazardous situations (flammable liquids, LP gas, haz-mat, etc.) Command will engage only an absolute minimum number of personnel within the hazard ____
22.If search personnel are operating without hose line, life lines shall be used when encountering conditions of an ____ atmosphere

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