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jumble of french words


this is a puzzle of words from all of the words we have learned

1 2      
3         4  
5   6            
7           8   9                 10
  12                               13   14  
  16 17                          
19                 20            
21                   22
  24       25     26
28           29             30 31        
    33         34          
36 37      
38 39               40  
        41     42      
44             45              
46             47   48          
49     50      

2.this means for
3.it looks the same in engllish and french and you take many of these
6.this means at night
7.the people that care about you the most are usually in this group
9.this means mouth
12.this means the four seasons
15.this means a group of girls
16.your teacher writes on this
18.this mean saturday
19.this means january
20.this means tooth
21.this means body
23.who teaches you?
25.this means noon
28.you behind this everyday you com to school
29.this means thursday
31.this means to read
32.this means wednesday
34.this means midnight
35.you get this on your report card
39.in this class you dance
41.this means hand
44.this means it's
45.you get me almost every night
46.you get one everyday you com to school
47.this means he or it
48.this means nose
49.this means the time
2.you must open me
4.this means you
5.this means thousand
6.this means in the morning
7.this means to do
8.this means half past
9.this means spring
10.this means she
11.you should have this when you come to school
13.this means we
14.this means it is
17.means at or to
20.this means face
21.this means arm
22.this means eyes
24.you should have this in your bag
25.this means tuesday
26.this means one or more boys are in the group
27.this means sunday
29.this means i have
30.this means simon says
31.this means monday
33.this means i
36.this means beach
37.this mean friday
38.this means you formal
39.this means leg
40.you are in one of these
42.this means put
43.this means eye
50.this means and

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