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Months & Seasons & Days of the week

Anissah Mack

This puzzle consists of the months in french and the seasons in french and also the days of the week.

2     3        
4       5    
6             7     8      
10     11      
12                 13  
15 16           17               18

2.a 3 letter month.
3.We can go to beaches and water parks in this season.
4.The 1st 3 letters is the beginning of mars is the same in english for a month.
6.you see white all over in this season.
7.On the 4th of this month we celebrate a special day.
11.its a month in the summer.
12.We eat a large feast this month.
14.a relaxing day on the weekend
15.We celebrate a new year in the beginning of this month.
17.it rains a lot in this season.
20.last month on year.
1.Halloween is at the end of this month.
2.the first "T" in the week
3.1st day of american school days
5.the middle day of the week in school days
8.you see beautiful leaves in different colors.
9.As a student we can't wait until this month to come, so we can go on summer break.
10.2nd month of the year.
13.Looks similar in english to a month.
16.The little bunny comes out this month.
18.the day after friday
19.the second "T" in the week

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