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French for Dummies

JadeyLady Williams

The title is self-explanatory.

1 2      
3   4  
7                   8
12 13     14          
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  25 26   27     28
29         30            
31             32          

2.How Many Fingers Do We Have?
3.This is easy! Informal You!
5.You Can Get These Ink-Filled Babies from Office Max, Staples, Anywhere! Don't Forget to Add in the Article, too!
7.The gender we usually are attracted to. =) Don't forget the article.
9.Jade's Birth Month! Well. Okay. If You Don't Know It Then Think About The Month That Has All The Barbecues and Fireworks!
10.The only word most people know when it comes to French. "Say Hello" !
14.The Size of Gary Coleman. Male Version, R.I.P Little Guy.
17.Think About Double, Don't Forget That It's a Number.
18.The Type of Work We Don't Like, but Have Got To Do. =(
20.It's My Day! Gimme My Gifts!
21.The French Way To Say: "Gender". .
22.What We Will Be. Don't Forget The Article!
24.The gender of the students in this school. "Singular Too" . Don't forget the article.
27.The S in BAGS.
29.Hillary Duff Said So Yesterday, but I'm Talking About The Present. In Spanish, The Word is "HOY."
31.This is easy, too! Formal You!
32.Yes! Whatever You're Thinking is Right. Say it Out Loud & Thats Similar To a Word We use Almost Everyday.
1.Most Important Verb Ever. Shakespear: __ ____ or NOT __ ___ That is the Question.
2.Similar to Rihanna's Song, but You're Referring to the Other Person! Think About It!
4.Hatian Female. =) Simple Right?
6.Hint: "We Are" The World. Translate Please!
8.The B In BAGS.
11.This is a Freebie. The Word in English is Hour. =)
12."My Name" Rocks! (Thats My Name. NOT In French.)
13.The G In BAGS.
15.Think About The Slim Shady Song. What Did Eminem Say Before He Said His Name? He Said: __ ____ __ Slim Shady! Think About This One Too!
16.Trick Word! "To Travel" . .
19.The A In BAGS.
23.Hint: (Beyonce Said It!) English Translation: __ ___ Sasha Fierce!
25.Where You From? No Not, Your State, Neighborhood or City. Even Larger! No, Not Your Continent.
26.The Only Month That Technically Doesn't Have Any Special Holiday! In This Case, I Count Halloween and Valentine's Day As a Holiday!
28."And" In French.
30.Diez. Try To Translate.

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