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French Words


All French Words

1 2
3   4                     5
    6     7            
    8     9         10
13               14           15

3.I Am A Female. But Not Married
6.I am Your Teacher In College
8.Nice To Meet You
11.Greeting when you first see your friend
13.Class Where Numbers are used (2 Words)
14.Today is Wednesday
16.The Person Who Eats A Lot
17.YOU Speak to Me with Respect. Its Called Formal
18.The Sum of 2 3 6 9
1.What Hour Is It ?
2.Pronoun meaning SHE
3.Can You Tell Me The Time On Your Wrist?
4.Works In The Hospital. Come To Me When You Are Sick
5.A Female European
7.Spoken In France
9.8 Ball
10.I Am 4 Years Old
12.Use Me To Write But Not With Led
14.Its Only Matters. Thank You
15.Rhymes With ill But Means Him

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