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Structural Empowerment

Sylvia Robinson

The structures and processes that help us do our best work.

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3.Transformational Leader of 2010.
5.Opportunity for frontline nursing staff to communicate with senior leadership
6.VUMC _________ is a way nurses can be acknowledged for their efforts.
7.Large benefit promoting learning & professional development.
10.MICU nurses can teach on a specific topic by giving an ___________.
11.Who is responsible for my professional development?
13.Many of our new nurses come into MICU from the nurse ________ program.
14.Nurses pass on their knowledge in MICU in the role of _________.
1.Events where nursing benefits the community.
2.One goal of MICU is to increase the number of nurses with advanced_________________ such as CCRN.
4.Every month charge nurses ask us for recognitions during their _________.
8.One way I'm involved in decision making in MICU
9.MICU initiative pairing new nurses with more experienced nurses.
12.Clinical ladder for professional development

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