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5.an offensive player sets a screen on the defensive player and reverse pivots towards the basket looking for the ball
8.an offensive player passes the ball and cuts to the basket looking for a pass back
11.after getting the ball player turns his shoulders, torso, hips and feet towards the basket
13.usually after a rebound, towards, half court, used for fast breaking
14.a defensive player steps in the path of an offensive player until a teammate can recover to establish a defensive position on that player
15.the opposite side of the court to the ball
18.a forward or guard that occupies the area on the perimeter of the key between the base line and foul line extended
19.a forward the ossupies the position down low in the key
20.the offensive player fakes , stops, pivots or reverses in order to get open
1.when there are even amounts of players on both sides of the key
2.offensive players achieve a balanced floor by filling in 3 lanes
3.the defensive player is between the ball and the offensive player
4.side of the court where the ball is
6.plant the lead foot half way between the defensive players feet and then pivot away from the defense facing the basket
7.the defensive player takes position between the basket and the opponent in order to get the rebound
9.the offensive player takes the ball to the basket using a dribble
10.the offensive payer cuts behind the defensive player
12.switching from the offence to defense
16.the guard that is responsible for bringing the ball up the court and running the plays
17.the top two corners of the foul line

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